The program will be hosted by a team of local and international practitioners including bla bla bla

HelleHELLE SOLVANG (Denmark)
Helle has 15 years experience as a radio and television host at the Danish National Radio Broadcasting Corporation (DR) in the fields of arts and culture. She has a background as a conductor of musical processes and trained conductor of The Musicology Institute in Copenhagen and has studied cross-aesthetics of Modern Culture. Since 2006 she has done hundreds of interviews with artists, entrepreneurs, politicians and other change makers exploring the potential for transformation in society – collectively and individually. Being the director and steward on the weekly radio-feature Language Laboratory (Sproglaboratoriet) at the culture radio channel P1 she is passionately focused on how language can be a transformational tool. Since 2011 she has been a practitioner of the Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter. She was one of the drivers and initiators behind Learning Village Gilleleje and the action-group “From Crisis to Possibility” which has explored the systemic story of Denmark from 1813-2013 using AoH practices.

JAMES EDE (Australia/Denmark)
For the past 14 years James has been creating and hosting processes for discovering and developing human potential and for supporting powerful and transformational learning across a range of sectors, cultures, age groups, in built and natural settings. It is James’ belief that a desirable future demands a shift in collective consciousness; inspired, authentic leadership; and wise, collaborative action.


Jan has been working in the field of large-scale organizational change and development since 1995. He especially worked with human resources and the capacity to grow innovation and implement change in organizations with a aligned strategy of natural and sustainable growth. His work have been in all type of organizations – NGO’s, Corporates and Public Administration – see more at Since the beginning, Jan was inspired of the leadership potential in hosting people in engagement and empowerment processes, and he has made it a core competence to train and coach participatory leadership and hosting as a ability for leaders to train and practice. Jan has co-founded The Art of Hosting (The Art of Participatory Leadership) and The Flow Game, and is the author to a book on the process of innovation, “Idea Development – from head to hands”